Friday, June 28, 2013

Road trip/Disney Vacation, part 1

I am a teacher.  It is summer.  Need I say more?

Seriously, though, I am thoroughly enjoying the heck out of my summer.  Last summer I was almost constantly busy developing our handmade soap company and posting our products to Etsy.  This summer, I decided to cool my jets (as my sweet friend Sachiko would say) and just enjoy my free time.

The beginning of summer break did not start out nice and relaxing, however.  I had one day off before we began our 10-day road trip/vacation to sunny (and humid) Florida.

On day 1, we drove from our suburban Kansas City home across Missouri, through southern Illinois, through part of Kentucky, across the middle of Tennessee, all the way to Chattanooga.  We stopped for lunch at Taco Bell in St. Louis and dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville.  Along the way we paused at one of the nicest rest stops I have ever seen, a lovely old home in Kentucky.  That was about an 11-hour road trip.  Here are a few photos of that portion of our trip:




On day 2, we crossed into Georgia and drove all the way down the center of it.  Next of course, came Florida, and we finally arrived at our destination almost 9 hours later.   The South certainly proved to be beautiful and verdant.  I noticed something that started in Tennessee and continued all the way down through Florida:  trees lined the highways and our view of the surrounding countryside was limited.  This is something you just don't find often in Kansas or Missouri and I was struck by how different it was.  I liked it in some ways because it made me appreciate the beautiful foliage of the trees but I also would have like to have seen more the those states' hidden vistas.

And finally, around 17h00 local time, we arrived at our destination:  Disney's All-Star Music Resort!