Sunday, November 24, 2013

I've become a knitting fiend!

I have been crocheting for the last two years pretty consistently, as my right wrist tendonitis can certainly attest to.   I have dabbled in knitting a time or two and have even taken a beginner's class.  But knitting always left me feeling inadequate and deathly afraid of dropping stitches.  I pretty much have avoided that entire aspect of yarncrafting except to admire other people's beautiful handiwork.  

Yet for some reason, a couple of weeks ago I bought several Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarns (what am I talking about--I'm sure it's because they were on sale and the gorgeous colors called out to me!) and decided to try to knit one of those lovely ruffle scarves that so many people wear these days.  I watched a few You Tube videos on how to make them but couldn't exactly figure it out and was left frustrated once again by knitting.  But the next day I tried it again, determined to figure it out once and for all.  And surprise, surprise!  I finally had success!  

The first scarf I made was using Sashay Team Spirit in gold/black.  Those are the colors of the school where I teach and I think it's very pretty.  I don't usually wear yellow so this is a bold statement for me.  I figure I will wear this on Fridays when we teachers get to dress down and wear school related apparel.

Here is the next one I made:

This yarn is called Conga.  I remember buying this last year when I first had the thought of making this scarf but had no idea how and gave up.  I need to stop giving up so easily.  :)  

And my latest scarf finished late last night:

This is my favorite color so far--Salsa.  The colors are more beautiful than this photo demonstrates, with gorgeous jewel tones in shades of purple, red, and orange.

Michaels had Sashay on sale last week and I picked up a few more:

Of course, there is the black/gold in case someone at school wants one.  Then there are three Sashay Metallic colors of Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Rubies.  And lastly, the one on the bottom that I plan on starting next, Disco.  

My friend Connie has bartered with me to teach her how to knit this ruffle scarf over Thanksgiving break.  She is a fabulous chef and she is going to bring me something homemade in exchange for learning how to make a scarf.  She will get a pretty Sashay Boutique ruffle scarf and I will get some homemade deliciousness--sounds like a pretty good deal to me.