Saturday, April 26, 2014

Busy time of the year: lovely birds, Honor Society Induction, secret anniversary party, French rock star, and more!

I want to sing from the highest branch in my nascent cottonwood tree that I LOVE SPRINGTIME!!!  

"Le ciel est par-dessus le toit/si bleu, si calme/un arbre par-dessus le toit/berce sa palme/La cloche dans le ciel qu'on voit/doucement tinte/un oiseau sur l'arbre qu'on voit/chante sa plainte..."

As a high school world language teacher (I teach French and Spanish), this gorgeous time of the year comes at a price--the end of the school year madness.  It is almost time for seniors to leave so they will need to take the final early, then comes graduation, then comes finals for everyone else, then comes training for our new Apple products in my district.  I haven't even mentioned the fact that my two nieces are graduating from high school themselves and will have parties and ceremonies, as well as the children of friends who are graduating or getting married.

I want to go out, and with the help of Zyrtec and Flonase, enjoy this:
or this:

But this past week almost did me in with all the preparation I did for the induction of 34 students into the French National Honor Society, for the first time ever at my school.  I was the sole planner and organizer.  If you know me at all and have seen the area around my desk, you will know that planning and organizing are not traits I was born with and have yet to fully develop.  So I was stressed out beyond belief.  I didn't even get any photos of the ceremony but I hope to get some from my friend Connie whose son was inducted.  I must thank Connie and our friend Amy, who both did the shopping, layout, and clean up of the refreshments after the ceremony.  They are awesome ladies who will be duly rewarded with a Bordeaux soon!

And speaking of Bordeaux, a rock star from that lovely city on the Garonne visited my school this week.  Pierre, who has become sort of my French nephew (je m'appelle tatie d'Amérique--well, that's how I think of myself), raised a ruckus among the frenzied girls in my high school.  And all he had to do was walk through the halls, visit a couple of classrooms, and speak with a French accent.  He had no idea he would have such an effect on these youngsters.  I hope he doesn't get any ideas to start a cult because he would be a very successful leader.    :)

Voilà Pierre:

Très beau, non?  Et extrêmement gentil et patient avec les élèves.  Bravo, Pierre.  Tu es la nouvelle vedette rock and roll, et tu ne le savais même pas! 

And now I must leave soon to attend a meeting to plan for a secret anniversary party for a certain couple reaching a certain amazing achievement of 50 years together.  This couple is not online (it costs too much) so I am not worried about letting the cat out of the bag, but I'm pretty sure they know what is going on because it's hard for 100 people to keep a secret like this. 

So, have a lovely weekend and take time to smell the roses, or lilacs since roses haven't bloomed where I am yet.  And I hope someone as awesome as Pierre makes an appearance in your life soon!  If not a young Frenchman then maybe a pretty cardinal or a fragrant flower.  Because as far as I'm concerned, all these beautiful things are rock stars!  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New soap and Angers!

Hello, folks!

I cannot believe it has been more than a month since my last post.  Time flies when you're working a lot, right?

Here is a soap we just packaged and listed in our Etsy Shop recently.  It is a lovely sweet and tart smelling pear scented soap, Crisp Anjou Pear.

 Anjou also happens to be the area of France where I was fortunate enough to study way back during my college days. Angers is the biggest city in that region.  Check out some photos I found of Angers on the internet (I didn't have a digital camera back in those days so I don't have digital images of my own to share!)

Boulevard Foch now has trams?  They sure didn't have any when I was there.  I had to walk everywhere!  :)
Tu me manques, Angers!