Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Final TEAM Weight Loss class tonight

It's been 13 weeks and my official weight loss is 22 pounds. That's not too terrible, considering I sat out of exercising for two weeks a while back due to health issues. Also, I haven't been good at counting calories for the last several weeks. I think I could have lost more had I been more diligent about counting every calorie I put in my mouth.

So now the question is will I keep the weight off and indeed continue to lose? I HAVE to make sure I continue to exercise and account for what I'm eating. I plan on continuing to exercise regularly starting next week when I finally get to enjoy my summer vacation. I have been teaching for the past three weeks and I am very much looking forward to having a break.

OK--so I know that the pants I'm wearing in this pic make me look shorter than I am! Also, I know I have more weight to lose but I think 22 pounds is something to be proud of!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

18 pounds in 9 weeks

I can't hardly believe it is already June 5! I haven't signed in a in a few weeks. Within that space of time, I had a few illnesses that prevented me from exercising so my weight loss has hit a road block. As it is, I am just about done with week 9 and I have lost 18 pounds. Although I am proud of that, I wish it were more. However, I went off my strict diet a little bit and I didn't exercise for 1 1/2 weeks, so I shouldn't be too hard on myself.

Summer vacation is finally here so I hope to really rev up my exercise regime. I hope to get some cardio in on a daily basis, I am mowing every week, which burns mega calories, and I plan on going to the pool often with the kiddos. I think as long as I watch what I eat I'll start losing again.

I am going to set up a new goal for myself. There are approximately nine weeks until I return to school in August. In that time, I hope to lose at least another 18 pounds. That should get me fairly close to my goal weight. It should get me within the normal weight category at least. That should make my doctor happy when I see her in August. That should make me pretty happy too.

OK, time to get off my duff and get some things done around here. Ta ta for now!