Friday, July 31, 2009

Good news!

I can see the floor in my scrapbook room again! Hooray! Now if I could just get off the darned computer and get some scrapbooking done, that would be a miracle.

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27

To do today:

1. Spend time with kiddos and their cousins.
2. Go to dentist w/Lizzie.
3. Clean out SB room.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My, how time flies...what I still need to do...and other musings.

Time Flies:
It is July 23 already. Wow. Three more weeks until school starts for both me and the kids. What's up with that? It has been a speedy quick summer so am trying to slow down a little and enjoy my time off.

Here's a lowdown of what we've done so far this summer:

-Disney World
-Miami to visit Grandpa and to see the ocean
-I worked for 3 weeks and the kids went to camp at the park
-This week, we're at home and taking life slowly.

What I'd still like to do this summer:
-Go to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
-Go to Kaleidoscope
-Paint Lizzie's room
-Meet Barb and her family in Columbia. I haven't seen Barb for almost 20 years.
-Clean out the garage and possibly have a garage sale
-Clean out and organize scrapbook room
-Organize the rest of the house.
-Scrapbook our Florida vacation
-Stain the deck
-Treat for grub worms and bag worms--actually Chris will probably do this.
-Hang out with the cousins and neighbor kids
-Get an exercise routine going

Yes, I realize that is a big laundry list of items to accomplish in the mere three weeks until school starts. But I hope to get as much done as possible. I just don't want to beat myself up if I don't get it all done.

Sometimes you live with chaos for so long you no longer see it for what it is. I just took several photos of the messes around here. How embarrassing to share it with the world but maybe I'll get off my duff and do something about it.