Monday, May 2, 2016

April showers bring May eggs!

After having our chickens for exactly six weeks, one has finally laid an egg!

For some reason, I thought it would only take two weeks to get eggs from them, so I have been disappointed for a while.  I was most disappointed when we discovered that two of our purported hens are actually roosters!  I swear, we couldn't tell when we first got them!

Now, of course, it is 100% crystal clear, as is evidenced by this video I took this morning:

These city slickers don't know much about chickens, that is evident.  But this afternoon, I finally felt like I was a semi-successful chicken farmer--we got our first egg!

It's tiny, it's fragile, but it's an egg from our own organically-fed hen.  My husband and I will be sharing it tomorrow for breakfast.  

Merci, ma poule!  You rock!  

One of these Buff Orpingtons was responsible for laying our first egg.  :)




Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day, May Day!

Why has it been taking me so long to update my blog?

We have been super busy lately.  We are transitioning over to a farmstead website and blog, but I wanted to let my readers know I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

It is chilly and rainy here, nowhere near what the first of May should be, in my mind.  But that's OK.  Our new trees and plants are getting plenty of water and the temperatures have remained above freezing, knock on wood.  Here are some pictures of the last several weeks on our Spotted Dog Farmstead.

Yes, this is a picture of bark!

I could post 50,000 more photos, but I think I'll stop here.  Just looking at that last photo of my daughter makes me want to go hug her!

Thanks for reading.