Friday, December 28, 2012

Goals for 2013

Are you like me when it comes to New Year's resolutions? Do you start each year with the best of intentions only to forget all about them by mid-January? It's not as if we are intentionally trying to sabotage our success in life; it's just that life sometimes gets in the way. And that's OK.

  As a teacher, I am completely relaxed around New Year's Eve because I am living the high life on vacation. There's no grading, no planning, no middle schoolers whining (oh wait, my son is a middle schooler and he does his fair share of whining); it's pretty much just hanging out with my family and relaxing. I am in a restful state of mind when I am reflecting on the previous calendar year and looking forward to the next one. I am in a very positive place and make grandiose resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, be more upbeat, etc.

  But soon thereafter, reality hits and school starts back up. The pressures of teaching middle school and balancing work and home life strike me with great intensity. Somehow just one more brownie seems justified and sitting on my couch in the evening is necessary because I am so exhausted from the daily grind. My most optimistic resolutions are forgotten because I am too darned stressed and knackered to really change. Now it's three days until New Year's Eve and I know all this stuff ahead of time. Will I just stop making resolutions because I know they are doomed to fail? Should I just give up because I know it will be too hard to fight the good fight?

Maybe. But probably not.

I need to remember to take baby steps. Change in small ways. Accept that things can't change overnight and that life doesn't always travel in a straight path. Oh, and I shouldn't be too hard on myself--I am the best me there is!

Now, what are my immediate resolutions for 2013? Well, aside from the old exercise more and eat better adage, I would like to be more creative and scrapbook more. I have gotten so overwhelmed with all my pastimes and work that I haven't taken hardly any time to do much memory keeping. I have always thought that was an important endeavor and I am really gearing up to do more of it in 2013.

I just perused the new Close To My Heart catalog and I LOVE IT! I am going to take some time this morning to get rid of old scrapbook and stamping supplies so I can make room for all the new fun stuff I plan on getting. I have signed up for a 7-hour crop on Sunday with a friend and fellow teacher, and I hope to get a lot done then. I know I can't scrapbook every single memory we have made or will make; but I want my family enjoy my fun, creative, and indulgent hobby as much as I do!

I promise to post pages and cards and any other projects I make much more often here in 2013. I promise to take life a little less seriously. And I promise to remain upbeat because optimism can take you anywhere!

Happy New Year 2013!

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