Monday, September 16, 2013

Wishing for Washington state!

Waxing nostalgic today for the state of Washington.  Chris and I were lucky enough to enjoy a 15th anniversary trip there in 2011 for the Sequim Lavender Festival as well as other side trips.  Yes, I dragged my husband to lavender farms.  Yes, he liked it.  Real men like lavender, in case you didn't know!  :)

The temperature today where we live in the Great Plains didn't get much higher than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and we were even cooler than Sequim, WA.  I know this because Sequim is saved as a favorite place on my Weather Channel app.  The sky was overcast and we had a little bit of rain, which suited me just fine.  It felt so much like Washington state that I started thinking back on our time there and felt like sharing some photos.  

I miss all this:

A Kansas girl can't get enough of the ocean

Pike Place Market, Seattle

First Starbuck's, Seattle

Seattle's Puget Sound

Lovely lavender!

Snow in July!

It's love at first sight.

View from our B&B window--Port Townsend

We weren't the only ones celebrating 15 years!

Point Wilson Lighthouse, Fort Worden State Park

Old Consulate Inn, Port Townsend

Cape Flattery

Hoh Rainforest

Me and my sweetie at Hurricane Ridge

Washington, je t'aime et tu me manques!

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