Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Arrow writers, how could you do this to me?!?


I just finished episode 309 of Arrow and I am beside myself trying to figure out how I am ever going to survive without my precious show for so long, and my precious main star of the show for even longer.

I was very happy about Oliver's declaration of love to Felicity.  {SWOON!}   He should have given her more than a forehead kiss, although as far as forehead kisses go, this one was a doozy!

The scene should have lasted longer, they should have kissed on the lips, and she should have declared her love for him too.  But now she can't...

Yet, the creators of this lovely show know how to appease us Olicity shippers a little bit each week. Ah, l'amour!

Yup, Oliver.  That's what I like to see!   Say it loud and say it proud!


However, I was extremely unhappy with how and where Oliver Queen ended up.  I have been reading all the Tweets about the show using #ArrowMidSeasonFinale and lots of clever people have aptly called it the best cliffhanger in TV history!  If you haven't seen the show yet, please watch it so you can understand the double meaning of that phrase.  

The final scene started out like this:

And it ended up somewhat like this:


The show is on hiatus until January 21 (6 weeks from today!?!), but we won't even get to see Stephen Amell (remember him?)...

...for the first three episodes after that!  That places his return to Arrow in February, also known as my birth month.  So basically, I need to consider having Stephen back as an early birthday present.

 Joyeux anniversaire à moi!  

Merci, mon petit chou! 
Je t'adore!  
Tu me manqueras!  

À février, chéri!

***All of the photos and gifs were taken from the internet.  I did not make them myself.***

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