Sunday, May 9, 2010

Standing still...

First of all, happy mother's day to all moms out there. I am so lucky to be mom to two wonderful children. Je vous aime, mes cheris!

I am a bit sad this weekend, however, due to a standstill in my weight loss. I am at 165 today, even though I did make it down to 164 the other day. I have been keeping track of my calories so I'm not sure why I've gained back a pound.

I have also injured my left arm by pulling a muscle while doing a lateral pull down. I had too much weight I was pulling which I think I knew at that time but I thought I was pushing myself and doing something beneficial. How wrong I was! It's always better to do more repetitions with lighter weights than to do a few reps with weights that are too heavy. I have had pretty bad pain off and on for several days now I don't really know if it's a pulled muscle or something worse. Hopefully it'll heal itself soon.

Have a lovely week!

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