Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Have a cowl!

Today is our second snow day in a row and I am taking advantage of my free time to make awesome cowls. I used Amazing yarn by Lion Brand, following the 45-minute cowl pattern on Lion Brand's site.  I did change one thing, however.  The pattern says to use one ball and hold both ends of the ball together, but I found I didn't have enough yarn to finish my project.  Plus, getting both ends of the strand was harder than it seemed. So I just used two balls, holding a strand from each together to make the cowl.  I had a little bit of yarn left over from each ball, but I would rather have too much yarn than not enough.

Here is a sampling of the cowls I've made so far:

Glacier Bay


Strawberry Fields

Mauna Loa


All of them together.

I think my favorite is Glacier Bay.  I hope Lion Brand comes out with more colors.  I love how the yarn feels and I love how the colors gradually change from one shade to another.  

Do you have a favorite color?  Let me know what you think!  

Oh, and one more pic.  I sat down to grade with my pumpkin bread, coffee, iPad, and Nutella (today is World Nutella Day), and my cat Storm came to join me.  It appears she prefers Glacier Bay as well!  


ConnieB said...

I love these, Jennifer! The Mauna Loa is my favorite today. Tomorrow it could be a different one! :) You do such great work. . .

Jenn said...

Thanks, Connie! :)

Sheila Bennett said...

Love seeing all the different cat beds (oh, I mean cowls) that you made. You have quite a selection!! My favorite is Strawberry Fields.