Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where has all the time gone?

Today was enrollment day in my kids' school district.  I am bewildered to think of where all the time has gone with these two.  My oldest will be a sophomore in high school and my youngest will be in middle school for the first time!

I took a goofy selfie at Panda Express, our usual rendez-vous spot after various enrollments and parent-teacher conferences.  I gaze at this photo and simply cannot fathom how these two children could have grown up so quickly while I wasn't paying attention.

{By the way, my son's miffed demeanor is totally put-on; I noticed he broke into a huge grin AFTER I snapped the photo!  Cheeky boy!}

The whole family in 2014:

And here are my precious kiddos a mere 3 years ago in 2011:

Je vous adore, ma petite famille!  

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