Sunday, October 12, 2014

Crochet and More

It's no secret that I love to crochet. As a result, you can often find me with a crochet hook in my hand, madly making something out of yarn for someone in my family.  I finally finished my daughter's stocking cap, complete with pompom.

The is from a pattern by Maggie Weldon.  Here is a link.  She made a great video to go along with the pattern and it is super easy to make.

I used Country Loom yarn by Loops & Threads from Michael's. This yarn is a little too big for the pattern, so I had to adjust it a little bit.  The color is Steel Grey because it's what my sweet girl chose.  She was quite specific about it having a pompom as well.  Having never made one, it took a couple of failed attempts before I finally figured out how to do it.


Also on the crochet agenda for the weekend is this cowl made with Wool-Ease Quick and Thick in Barley.  It is a bit too stiff for the type of cowl I like to wear, but it is nice and warm.

I  used Lion Brand's free crochet pattern Openwork Crocheted Cowl.  You can find it here.  I wanted it a little wider than what they made, so I started with 53 stitches instead of the 37 called for in the pattern.  The color is wonderful!

Here's another pic, but with my girl and her hat.


And another highlight of my weekend is finding this yarn:

It's called Landscapes by Lion Brand and I LOVE it!  It is so soft and bright!  I started making a garment using the Tropics colorway but I went back to the store this afternoon and discovered my Joann's didn't have anymore of it.  So I picked this one up; it's called Broadway.  Landscapes is a self-striping yarn in gorgeous colors.  I really hope I can figure out the pattern.  I started it last night but got stuck at the end of the first row.  I must have miscounted on my foundation chain.  Wouldn't this be a wonderful poncho to have?

Alas, now it's Sunday evening and The Walking Dead season 5 is about to premiere.  I also have to teach in the morning.  I guess I have to put away my crochet hook and yarn pretty soon.  


Happy Thanksgiving Day in Canada and Happy Columbus Day in the U.S.!  

Have a marvelous week!

Peace!  Paix!  Paz!  Pax!  Friede!  


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