Saturday, January 31, 2015


I hadn't been to our local IKEA in a long time but decided to go today.  I was in search of the lovely Råskog cart.

My yarn mess was getting the best of my kitchen table and I believed the Råskog would help out.  Here is the what my kitchen table crafting situation looked like a few hours ago:

Did you notice the half-eaten Ikea cinnamon roll?   I needed energy to put this bad boy together.  If you have ever put your own furniture together yourself, you should understand.  Luckily, with hubby's help, the Råskog came together quite quickly.  I was quite impressed.  Here it is:

And now here it is filled with yarn, library books, and finished birds.  The birds won't stay in the cart long; I just thought they looked cute in the picture.  

Pretty adorable, n'est-ce pas?  And the best part about it?  The Råskog now costs $20 less than it did last September when I first saw it.  It only costs $29.  That means I might get a couple more for other items soon.  Or for yarn.  It would take several to contain my entire yarn stash.  And by several, I mean 20.  Or 50.  I'm not really sure at this point.  

Find the Råskog on Ikea's website here.  Lycklig shopping!

And here is my current collection of amigurumi birds:  

Ciao, oiseaux!  

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