Sunday, March 9, 2014

New soaps this week!

Finally, I have found the time to label, package, and list all the soaps I made last month!  I have eight soaps going up for sale and I am very excited.  It's funny how making soaps hits me in waves.  I hadn't made anything new for several months and then last month I got 3 random orders on my Etsy shop and bam!  I was inspired to make several batches right then and there.

It takes at least four weeks for soap to cure and that time has finally arrived.  Getting all these soaps packaged up and ready for sale means there will be more room on my curing rack.  It will be time to make new soaps soon!  Good thing Spring Break is coming up so I will have a lot more free time, at least for a while.

Here's a peek at the soaps available this week:

1.  Dragon's Blood

2.  Lime Mint

3.  Verbena

4.  Very Sexy for Men

5.  Sunflower

6.  Tangerine

7.  Vanilla

8.  Fresh Ginger Lime

 I will try to find the time to blog about each soap all this week.  See you soon!

Here is a link to Our Etsy Shop.

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