Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Trip to France 2015, part 5

Days 6-11:  Aix-en-Provence et les environs

22 June

During days 6-11 of this trip, the students stayed with host families around Aix-en-Provence while the teachers stayed in Aix itself and had a little few days on their own.  I am not going to break down every moment of these days, thankfully.  I am just going to give you a visual field trip with occasional commentary.   The key word of the week was LAVENDER! (la lavande)

The other two teachers in this photo are Annette and Beth from Oregon.  Thanks to them, I was able to make the trip to the lavender fields because they rented a car and invited me to come along for the day.  They are so sweet!

BEES!  (les abeilles)

And SUNFLOWERS!  (les tournesols)

There were other things to see as well.

23 June


My favorite cheese in the entire universe, Boursin!

24 June

Cassis, where I saw the Mediterranean Sea for the first time ever.

It was from this limestone that the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty was made.

And we had a wine tasting with a view through perhaps the best window ever made:

And we made friends with Alexandre, one of the guides of the tour we had just taken in Cassis.  He drove the other tour van.  Alexandre is a young Marseillais who loves to speak English, would love to go to America, and apologized if we have met any rude French people.  He said, "Forget about them!"  The two teachers here in this photo are Lindsey from Wisconsin and Jeanette from Missouri.

25 June

Gratuitous food pics.

Back in Cassis today with Annette, Beth, and Christiane.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the sea!  As a girl from a landlocked state, deep in the heart of a big country, I love every single moment I get to have with oceans, seas, gulfs, and straits.  J'adore la mer!

Then we briefly went to Marseille.

Nous sommes Jennyfer.  Hey, I am too!  :)

I couldn't decide between chocolate and strawberry, and the ice cream man gave me one of each.  :)

Pompiers marseillais (Marseillais firefighters)

26 June

Back in Aix with Lindsey, Annette, Beth, and Christiane.

I absolutely love the color of this building!

This nice man sells jams, jellies, and chutneys.  He was wonderful and he talked of his dream of driving along Route 66 in America someday.  I told him he should do it, but he said he has to sell more jam first.  I bought a jar and Annette bought a jar!  :)

Here is Jenn, Lindsey, Christiane, Beth, and Annette posing with a petrified Paul Cézanne.  Sorry I almost cut you out of the picture, Annette.  Fun evening before meeting back up with the kiddos.

Merci encore for reading my blog.  There are just a few more days' worth of pictures left.  You are superstars for sticking with me for this long!




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