Thursday, September 4, 2014

Awakening my inner Celt with Outlander!

So I must have had my head in the sand for the last several years.  The only Outlander I had ever heard of was the Mitsubishi we used to own.

Then I saw an article on Facebook about a new Starz TV series called Outlander.  The ad depicted a beautiful dark-haired woman walking away with a dazzlingly handsome Scot.  But she was also reaching for a man whose face I couldn't see.  As if there were any doubt not to follow Mr. Kilt!

Upon further study, I found out all about the TV series and I realized I actually have access to Starz through my cable company.  So I sat down to watch the show and I was hooked!  I didn't realize the show was based on a series of books until I had already watched the third episode.  Enter me buying the first book for my Kindle app:

A well written, easy to read tome written by Diana Gabaldon.  After I started the book, I started speaking highly of the whole endeavor to my Scottish-American husband and he decided he wanted to watch the show.  So I went back and watched all episodes with him, including the fourth one, which just aired last weekend and featured the author herself, as well as Ronald Moore, the executive producer, in cameo appearances. How cool is that?

The main characters in the series are Colum:



Mrs. Fitz:




but most of all, there's Claire:

and of course, our sweet Jamie.

One huge, unexpected plus on the show for us yarn crafters is the fact that the women have been donning gorgeous knitted wool cowls and fingerless gloves.  That makes me really want to learn how to knit well.  I can try to imitate them through the art of crochet, but crochet did not exist in 18th century Scotland.  Maybe I will learn how to make one of these lovely items soon.

I haven't been sleeping enough this week because of the book!  I am so excited to see how they bring this story to life because they have done a bonny job so far!

If you have not seen the show, subscribe to Starz and watch it immediately.

If you have not purchased the book(s), do so as swiftly as you can!

Ye will not regret it!

Et juste un dernier mot:

Je suis prête pour toi, Jamie!  ;)


Sheila Bennett said...

Welcome to the world of Outlander! I found the series of books over 10 years ago and really enjoy the story telling. It gets even better in the later books as the characters and story lines really evolve. You will need to invest in ALL eight books. :)

Jenn said...

Sheila, I really have been completely out of it by missing this wonderful set of books. I will most definitely end up buying all the books for sure! Have you seen the series? How do you think it compares to the book?