Sunday, September 28, 2014

This is Outlandish!

{The following blog post was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek.  I am a happily married woman and proud mom to two great kids.  Although I think Sam Heughan is a fine actor with a voice of whisky and velvet, I hold him and his character Jamie in the highest regard--and no, it's not so I can look up his kilt.  Oh my gosh, I have to stop this NOW!}

I hope you enjoy this post.  :)

Au revoir, mon petit chou, Jamie:

It has truly (read this with Jamie's accent) been wonderful getting to know you, but against my will, I must figure out what to do with my time between now and April 2015, when the second part of season 1 returns to television.  I have the books, of course, and that is fine.  I am well into Dragonfly in Amber.  Jamie has just visited Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Sun King.  Being a French teacher and having visited Versailles myself, I could really picture the Lever ceremony as Diana Gabaldón described it.  I didn't especially want to think of his chaise percée, but let it be known that I am an enlightened person.  I digress...

It's just not the same as getting to see my sweet Jamie every week.  

Perhaps I will pen my own novel featuring someone similar to you, love.  Or perhaps I will knit or crochet several cowls that will remind me of you (and not Claire, that Sassenach wench--Ha ha, just kidding!).  

Maybe I will find my own stones at Craig Na Dun and find my way to you.  

Oh, if that were only possible...

I think the most likely scenario is I will just live my life that way I've always led it, and sit on random stone walls out in the Scottish Highlands and wait for you to return to me.

Or maybe I'll just rewatch all eight existing episodes again and again and again (as if I haven't done that already!)  Here is  Episode 1 on for free!  

Happy Outlander watching!


In my other life, I made some cool things this weekend:  

1) Nutella Pumpkin Bread (for Jamie)

2) Perfect Pumpkin Handmade Soap (for Jamie)

3) And two crocheted hats (for me to wear with Jamie)

One last photo, in which we whisper sweet nothings to each other.  What I mean is we really didn't whisper anything at all, but it was really sweet.  And then I realized he has a lamp in his nose, which made me think of Rudoph, and then I thought of Christmas, and then I wondered when they started hanging stockings by the fire at Christmas, and why didn't they do it in 1743?

OK, this is truly (said once again with a Jamie accent) the last photo.

Je t'aime, mon amour!  Je serai toujours prête pour toi!  ;)

***Some photos are from***  I love you, Starz!  Thank you for bringing us Outlander!  Oh, and I quite enjoyed Spartacus as well!  ;)  You rock!***

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