Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I am a happy Outlander fan today.  The episode we were all dying to see has made me love the show even more.

There were many scenes that were different from book itself, which made me slightly unhappy while watching this episode for the first time.   I've seen it again and I like it much better now.  I do understand that adaptations are not always going to be exactly the way the book was written so I have to let it go.  I hope the writers on the show choose to include some of the important dialogue in later scenes.  After all, we know Jamie Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Frasier is the king of men, but we want to hear more of his words to really bring that idea home!  Je t'aime, Jamie!


So now it's back to the old grindstone.  I wanted to mention that my son and his debate partner got first place in their first-ever Debate tournament over the weekend.  That is a wonderful accomplishment, but I knew my son would make an excellent debater because he has been arguing with me for years!  Bravo, mon fils!  Et je t'aime aussi!  

Voilà.  C’est tout pour aujourd’hui.  À la prochaine! 

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