Wednesday, March 4, 2015

National Crochet Month Post #4: Shamrock Garland

Two days ago, I posted that I was really excited to have learned how to crochet shamrocks.  Well, I took several of those shamrocks and made a small garland with them.  It is just a miniature version before I really go all out for St. Patrick's Day.  But I needed a little bit of d├ęcor for tonight's special event, my dad's 79th birthday.  

My dad has been in the hospital for the past week after falling at home.  It turned out he had an infection and has had to stay in order to beat this thing.  The infection has been playing tricks on his brain and unfortunately, he hasn’t really been himself.  He is in an excellent hospital being well cared for, so my family and I are hopeful. 

I learned how to make the shamrocks from Kim Layton at and used their photo of a shamrock garland as inspiration to make my own.  Find the pattern here.

Here I am with my dad and his shamrock garland.

Here is a photo of a St. Patrick's Day shamrock garland done right by Kim Layton from!


  Happy Birthday, Dad!  

Me and my dad in March 2010


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